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Dan Abrusci is a multi awarded audio engineer with over 12 years of experience. 
He has worked in recognized studios such as Quad Studios (Nashville, USA)

10K Islands (Los Angeles, USA) and Red Squid Studios (Miami, USA). 

Daniel started playing drums at an early age (4 years old) and he always knew he wanted to be an audio engineer.

He started learning pro tools in 2007 right after graduating high school and he was working in post production by 2008. 

He has developed a lot of skills through the years, specifically in music and post production.
He has a master's degree in sound design and mixing for film, TV and videogames.

He enjoy's recording and mixing music, doing sound design and mixing a variety of projects like feature films and documentaries.

Full name: Daniel Abrusci

Born: 08-15-1989

Hometown: Caracas, Venezuela.

Resides in: Miami, USA.

Interest: Music, Drums, Watersports.

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