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Dialogue Editor


A dubbing mixer is an audio engineer whose role is to mix recorded dialogue, sound effects, and music to create a soundtrack for a film, an advert, or a television program. The final soundtrack should balance the various elements, bring out the director's vision, and comply with the mixing laws. A dubbing mixer does not mix original or recorded content, hence the name "Dubbing mixer."

Dubbing mixers gathers facts from bringing together all tracks from sound experts created by professional actors, Foley artist, and musicians which they use as raw materials.

A dubbing mixer is vital in the post-production phase of filming for the following reasons;

• Assembles soundtrack to balance them on different levels to tell a compelling and clear story to the listener.
• Ensure audio balance to avoid diverting from the main story.
• Dubbing mixers fix any audio problems in a recording to achieve a seamless audio experience.
• Ensure that a story is told clearly and effectively through sound.
• A dubbing mixer should uphold a high level of professionalism and perfection in the discharge of duties.

A dialogue editor ensures that the dialogue audio in a film, TV, and video games is clean, matches the visual action, and perfectly fits the world of production. It involves cleaning pops, clicks equalizing levels, and adjusting voices. A dialogue editor tends to focus on editing raw data, but they are engaged in the studio recording in a few instances. Dialogue editors work very closely with the voice editors.

In filmmaking, a sound editor is used to assemble, edit and synchronize the sound from a recording. Editing conversations, in particular, requires close attention to detail since spoken words must have a natural rhythm and synchronize with the picture.

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