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Izotope RX


Izotope is a software for noise reduction and restoring audios. Izotope RX is the perfect introduction to audio restoration on the market. It automatically finds or eliminates distortion, clipping, noise, hums, clicks, wind noise, camera noise and other probelms that may plague the production audio. You can also access the spectrogram view to make changes to the sound using industry-leading modules and useful selection tools.

Izotope RX helps in solving post production problems such as camera noise, sounds leaking into the speaker's microphone and common music-related issues, such as dusting off the record to be used as a sample.

Other creative uses of an Izotope RX in audio mastering are: harnessing the power of repair assistant, spectral repair for subtle spot adjustments, spectral repair for spot treatment on vocals, taming sibilance and plosives with spectral De-esser and treating distortion using De-crackle.

Audio Editor is the software used to edit audio files on the computer. Audio sections can be deleted and mixed, and the pitch, speed, and tempo of the material can be modified.

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